As Yale University responds to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, we have paused recruitment and hiring through June 2021 with the exception of a limited number of positions. We appreciate your interest in employment at Yale University, and we encourage you to check back with us as the situation evolves.

Internships are Career-building Experiences

The internship experience is an investment towards your future. If you are looking for an opportunity to explore potential career paths that complement your interests and educational background, consider an internship at Yale.

Why Intern at Yale?

Most people know Yale as a renowned global teaching and research university with world-class libraries and museums and home to famous graduates, professors, and Nobel prize winners. This is all true. It’s also true that it takes many talented administrative and operational people –from IT, Human Resources, Finance, Business Operations and more–to support the teaching and research mission of the university.

Yale is deeply committed to its New Haven Community Hiring Initiative and provides internship opportunities for eligible candidates. Once accepted into an internship program, you can expect to gain valuable real-world work experience at a world-class higher education institution. In addition to helping identify candidates for future hiring, a Yale internship:

  • Builds your resume and work experience
  • Develops your skills and competencies
  • Provides opportunities to network

Types of Internships

Yale has internship experiences designed for career exploration at these levels: high school, college, and early career development. 

Contact Information

For further information, email

Level Description Value
High School

Yale Information Technology

Yale School of Medicine

For additional programs and events for youth, browse the Office of New Haven and State Affairs listing of programs for campus-wide opportunities.

Yale offers career engagement for high school students through mentoring, job shadowing, and real-work experiences that fosters future talent and supports the well-being of the local community.

New Haven Promise scholars need to contact New Haven Promise for internship opportunity details.

Yale Information Technology

Yale School of Medicine

Yale University Press

Yale offers college students the opportunity to experiment and pursue careers that match their academic and personal interest. The exposure to career paths at Yale develops well-trained and talented candidates for possible future employment.
Early Career Development

Yale Information Technology

Yale School of Medicine

Open to recent and post-graduate students seeking further experience in their field of interest. Research, scholarship, education, preservation and practice opportunities develop leadership and technical skills for program participants and help young professionals get started in their careers at Yale. 

For Managers

View the Internship Resources for Managers page for more info.

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