Frequently Asked Questions: For Prospective Interns

I am a non-Yale student. Am I eligible for an internship?
Yes, many internships are offered to students who attend any college. Yale University is committed to supporting the New Haven community and has a priority to hire New Haven Promise Scholars.

Are international students eligible?
International students are welcome to apply with appropriate documents. Yale University does not sponsor visas. 

What is needed before I apply?
Please have an updated resume, cover letter, and reference letter from an academic advisor ready before you apply.

When does the application process begin for college internships?
Please adhere to the specific program’s guidelines for applying.

Are the internship positions paid or unpaid?
Most internships are paid positions.

Is housing provided for interns?
No, housing is not provided. However, if needed, there are housing options available on and off campus. Contact for on campus temporary housing.

What departments offer internships?
Many departments across the university offer internships. If a department or area of interest is not listed, you may consider contacting the department directly to inquire about additional opportunities. 

Can I get academic credit for the internship?
Yale University will not give credit however the student may need to work with their own school advisor and hiring manager to ensure certain criteria is met.

What is the typical length of an internship?
Most college summer internships run 10-12 weeks in the summer and range from 20 hours to  37.5 hours per week.

Am I allowed to use the resources at Yale University during my internship?
Yes, while on campus, many resources are available to you such as access to museums, libraries, and online resources such as free of charge.

What skills will be gained at the end of internships?
Expected outcomes of an internship include skill such as team work, time management, and hands on learning.

How do I find an internship?
Please see the descriptions here.

What skills am I expected to have prior to applying?
The top skills managers seek from interns include communication, collaboration, initiative, critical thinking, adaptability, and time management.