Interim Employment Pool (IEP)

Since 1992, the IEP has been the university’s primary hiring source for Local 34 Clerical & Technical (C&T) temporary work assignments. All members of the IEP are current university employees in layoff status and have familiarity with institutional protocol, processes, and programs.

The IEP can assist in your staffing needs when you are seeking to fill temporary work assignments that may include: leaves of absences, staff vacancies, vacation coverage or managing special projects.

Benefits of using the IEP

Transferable skills and knowledge

The university, hiring managers and IEP employees all benefit when a department hires from the pool. IEP employees have worked in various departments and roles throughout the university and have acquired a wide range of skills and a general breadth of institutional knowledge that can be easily transferred into other positions at Yale.

Save time on background checks

IEP employees can quickly jump into temporary assignments without having to complete the extra step of a standard background check, as compared to external temporary workers.

NOTE: Background checks for external candidates intended to fill C&T temporary assignments require a valid release number in order to be processed.

Save time onboarding

IEP employees have already completed the Yale hiring process, have existing NetIDs and e-mail accounts, and are acclimated to the complex university environment.