Yale Temporary Staffing Services (YTSS)

Yale Temporary Staffing Services (YTSS) is a team of highly professional Clerical & Technical employees who are deployed to a diverse range of departments across campus for temporary assignments. YTSS teammates are immersed in many exciting projects, programs and university initiatives at Central Campus, West Campus, and the Medical School.  While on assignments, members of this team enjoy a high degree of exposure to many facets of Yale’s rich history and culture. Other significant benefits of the YTSS program include the opportunity to build professional contacts and significantly enhance skills through on-the-job learning. 

Note: YTSS positions are regular full time roles.

Different from the Interim Employment Pool (IEP) which is comprised of individuals on layoff status seeking regular employment, YTSS employees are interested in temporary work as their permanent role.

Yale Temporary Staffing Services (YTSS) employees are thoroughly prepared to step into any
work environment with a high degree of professionalism and confidence. Our YTSS teammates keep their skills sharp through ongoing training on a diverse range of assignments around the university. The goal of the YTSS team is to effectively step into any department with little notice and immediately contribute to the goals of the team.

When using YTSS, there is less time associated with on-boarding and training. There are also no fees associated with recruiting, hiring, or training costs. All YTSS employees are full-time university employees who have been screened and hired by Human Resources.

Requesting temporary staff support

Similar to the standard process for requesting temporary employees, managers must start by submitting a Workday requisition request. If no IEP members are available, the requisition moves seamlessly to YTSS for review and candidate submission. 

For questions about YTSS please contact:

Kristen Maloney
Supervisor, Interim Employment Pool and Yale Temporary Staffing Services
Yale University Human Resources
Email: kristen.maloney@yale.edu
Phone: 203-436-8589
Fax: 203-432-6194
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 208256 New Haven, CT 06511