Coronavirus (COVID-19) Operational Guidance

Last updated May 26, 2020
Review helpful guidance on temporary changes to Yale’s operating processes, as a result of COVID-19. 

Campus Packages and Mail Delivery

General Guidance

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, normal on-campus operations have been greatly reduced and many campus buildings are closed. During this period TR&S mail and package delivery operations will continue, with a primary focus on servicing Yale’s essential on-campus operating units.

Mail and Package Deliveries

  • Departments continuing essential operation must email TR&S Campus Mail at to arrange for continued mail and package deliveries.
  • Departments are advised to take the following actions to manage their open orders for deliveries during this time:
    • Review open purchase orders to understand which ones are active and will result in deliveries to campus.
    • Refer to the Yale Procurement Buying Guide to find supplier contact information.
    • Contact suppliers with open orders and provide them with guidance to suspend or postpone your non-essential deliveries until on-campus operations resume. 
  • For departments whose campus operations have ceased, TR&S will receive and store incoming mail and packages. All held mail and packages will be delivered once university on-campus operations resume. Departments should contact TR&S once they resume operations to have held mail delivered.

Please note, during this unprecedented time, mail and package delivery schedules may be modified based on capacity and specific unit needs. For more guidance and related Q&As please refer to the following additional guidance:


Procurement continues to monitor the supply chain closely. Due to ever changing and increasing demand in some commodities, availability and supply disruptions are likely to be experienced. Please contact your sourcing leader for immediate needs.

Supply orders and delivery of products

What is being done at the University level to ensure timely delivery of cleaning supplies?
Procurement continues to be in contact with key suppliers that provide cleaning supplies to discuss the availability of products. We have been experiencing shortages and are working with our suppliers to procure supplies through various means. If you have immediate needs, please contact Chris Bartolotta in facilities procurement.

How do I purchase medical equipment, PPE’s (personal protective equipment) and N95 masks?
There have been shortages across the US of N95 masks and other PPE’s. Procurement is working closely with Yale Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital to evaluate alternative suppliers and coordinate purchases as quickly as possible. Please contact Claudine Alexandre in procurement if you have any needs for these products.

Will delivery of products and supplies still be permitted on the Yale campus?
Yes. Deliveries of products and key supplies that are required will continue to be delivered in order to support critical campus operations.

How long will it take to get orders delivered?
Our suppliers (other than those statuses noted) have not indicated any delay or interruptions in deliveries. For deliveries intended for those departments where staff members are working remotely and supplies are not needed, Procurement would recommend the department contact the Supplier with instruction to cease delivery or discuss alternative delivery plans to address any delivery/shipping concerns.

Who determines if a supply order is critical and will it be delivered? 
Once orders and/or requests arrive in Procurement, they are all addressed in the order they are received. Please note in the requisition if your order is critical or if you need expedited shipping and Procurement will do its best to prioritize. 

Will Workday order approvals be delayed due to the absence of “non-critical personnel”?
No. Procurement is fully operational – receiving, reviewing and approving requisitions as normal. Please note that there are multiple approvals needed prior to a purchase order being generated and sent to a supplier. The requisition workflow in Workday first needs to be approved by your department or school business office. If you are waiting for financial approval, please contact your business office. Upon approval from the business office, the requisition workflow will then be sent to Procurement for approval.

Can I use my PCard for small purchases such as office supplies and books through Amazon for home delivery?
Yes. You may use your pCard to purchase essential supplies and books on Amazon or other similar websites as long as you prepare an expense report, you have a business justification for the purchase, and you get your manager’s approval. 

Can I purchase lab supplies and have them shipped to my home address?
No. Lab supplies should only be purchased for use directly in the lab or research space on campus. Please continue to order lab supplies through the standard buying process using SciQuest/Workday punchout and purchase orders. Please contact your sourcing leader for any exceptions.

Will Airgas continue to deliver to labs on campus?
Yes. Airgas will continue to deliver gas and dry ice orders as normal. If a department does not want a delivery, please let Airgas know in advance.

What should I do if I have reoccurring automatic delivers from WB Mason that I need to suspend?
Please consider whether your re-occurring automatic deliveries from WB Mason are still needed. To temporarily suspend or redirect to an alternate delivery location, please email WB Mason at or call 888-926-2766 ext. 1884. In the event there is no one at your location to receive the delivery, WB Mason will plan to return the item to their warehouse.

Who do I contact if I need delivery of Water?
Regular deliveries of water service from Nestle has been temporarily suspended while students are off campus and most staff members are working from home. If you need supplies or services, please email ReadyRefresh/Poland Spring Customer Service Support at or call 1-800-950-9907.

Who do I contact if I need Document Shredding or Document Storage?
Regular service of document shredding from IronShred and storage from Iron Mountain have been temporarily suspended while students are off campus and most staff members are working from home. If you have any service needs, please contact the appropriate customer service team.

IT Equipment

If we need to purchase laptops or desktops:
IT and Purchasing are experiencing a significant uptick in requests for IT equipment. With appropriate departmental approval, iPads, Wacom tablets, or other peripherals may now be purchased directly on P-cards, as a short-term exception to normal restrictions. Please be advised that tablets do not require Yale-specific configuration. 

Alternatively, desktops and laptops cannot be purchased directly. However, Yale is working with multiple vendors to secure inventory that may not otherwise be available and has a process in place to assure that these come with the necessary software pre-loaded and that they meet compliance requirements and University security standards. Please contact the ITS Help Desk if you have desktop or laptop needs, so that we can help source equipment from existing inventory or place expedited orders. Equipment will be delivered to one of three shipping docks: 

  • 135 College Street for Medical Campus
  • 55 Whitney Avenue for Central Campus
  • 100 West Campus Drive, building #750 for West Campus

Can I purchase a desktop or laptops using my pCard and have it shipped directly to my home?
No. Desktop and laptops cannot be purchased directly. ITS has a process in place to assure that desktops and laptops are loaded with the necessary software first in order to meet compliance and University security standards prior to being delivered to a requestor.

Can I purchase a docking station or other peripherals, and have it shipped directly to my home?
Yes. Connection, Yale’s preferred supplier for computer equipment and supplies, has set up an Institutional page for P-cards ordering. This site allows you to order docking stations, monitors, and other peripherals and have them shipped to an off-campus address.

Can I purchase a tablets or iPads using my pCard and have them shipped directly to my home?
Yes. You may use your pCard to purchase tablets or iPads as long as you prepare an expense report, you have a business justification for the purchase, and you get your manager’s approval. 

Since I am now working from home, will the University pay for my internet access?
The University does not pay for home internet access (see Policy 1109 Internet Access from Home).

The University currently does not pay for my cell phone coverage and/or I am on a very old cell phone plan where I am charged by the phone call. Will the University pay for my increased monthly bill because I am now working from home?
No. Every effort should be made to utilize existing resources such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype, all of which can be used on your computer for calls. Newer phone plans offer unlimited calls and may be less money than your older monthly plan.


What if I need to cancel an event or an external service is no longer needed?
Please work directly with your sourcing leader in the event that you need to terminate a contract related to a change of plans due to the COVID-19 impact. If you have lost deposits that are not refundable, there is a high likelihood that nothing that can be done. However, Procurement will work with our suppliers to negotiate credits or other options in order to minimize impact. In the event a contract was signed prior to our knowledge of COVID-19, there are certain contractual language we can leverage to alleviate commitments.

How will I get my contracts signed?
Contracts will be reviewed and signed by the contract manager. Please send them as you normally would through a Workday requisition (Purchasing Assistance is needed).

Account Sales Representatives

Should supplier sales reps visit Yale?
No. Yale has determined that as of March 16 only personnel considered “critical” are to be on campus. Please discourage any supplier sales representatives from coming on campus.

Supplier Guidance

In accordance with federal, state, and local guidance, the University has taken steps to reduce the number of people on campus and maintain remote working—where appropriate—as a measure to practice social distancing. Currently, we are discouraging account sales representative from physically visiting campus and instead recommending other methods of communications, such as phone or web conferencing.

Permission to Visit

Contractors and suppliers may visit campus only with explicit permission from an authorized Yale official. In such cases, suppliers are expected to abide by all campus-wide and building specific protocols. This includes wearing a face covering, keeping social distance, and wearing an identification badge at all times. Additionally, for suppliers who come to campus to make deliveries, please practice no-contact pickups and deliveries, refrain from entering any campus buildings 


Please observe the following:

  1. Continue to make deliveries of critical supplies needed to support operations that are open such as patient care, research, network and data centers, public safety, and select academic, administrative, and operational functions.
  2. Do not make any sales calls on Yale’s campus.
  3. Do not make recurring automatic deliveries without first confirming the recipient is actively in the office to receive delivery. 
  4. If you have access to our buildings and will be in our workspaces, please follow Yale’s workplace guidance for well-being as posted below.

Precautions for Well-being

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Monitor your health daily
  • If you are ill, stay home
  • Keep six feet between you and others
  • Wear face masks at all times
  • Frequently clean high-touch and workplace surfaces
  • Avoid touching railings, door knobs, faucets, etc. in public areas. Use your sleeve or tissue


Essential operations remain open on campus. Therefore, deliveries for those departments should be maintained. Please alert us if you experience any delivery challenges by emailing Purchasing at or calling 1-203-432-9955. Please have the PO number and delivery location available.

For additional information on temporary changes to University operations due to COVID-19, please visit COVID-19: Yale Actions and Response and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Operational Guidance pages.

Purchasing Cards

Regarding the delivery of University Purchasing Cards:

  • All new and replacement Purchasing Cards (lost stolen, fraudulent expenses) will be sent directly from JP Morgan Chase to a specific location, once the Cardholder Agreement, PCard Training has been completed, the Purchasing Card Administrator will then have the card sent via FedEx to the cardholder’s home address.
  • For all renewal cards (expired), JP Morgan will continue to send these cards to the Department Business Offices, it will be the responsibility of Operations Managers/Lead Administrators to distribute the cards to the faculty and staff of the department.
  • JP Morgan will not send renewal cards directly to cardholders’ home addresses.
  • As noted above, you may use your pCard to purchase tablets, iPads, and peripherals. You may also use your pCard to purchase essential supplies and books on Amazon or other similar websites. You may not use your pCard to purchase laptop equipment. For all pCard purchases, please prepare an expense report, you have a business justification for the purchase, and you get your manager’s approval. 


Treasury Services 

Treasury Services is closed to in-person transactions but continues to process and deposit cash sales. There are two drop boxes available for departments to place cash sales.

On the Grove Street side of the 2 Whitney Avenue building there is an exterior drop box to the left of the glass doors. You may need to pull the handle a couple of times for the slot to open. Please insert one inter-office envelope at a time.

333 Cedar Street has an interior drop box. At the reception desk take a left and the drop box will be on the wall to the left.

For questions, contact Treasury Services at

Further Sponsored Research Guidance

NIH, DOD, and NSF are following these guidelines:
OMB Memorandum M-20-17