Current workplace and pay guidance regarding COVID-19 extended through April 30

March 30, 2020

Dear colleagues,

I write to inform you that the guidance for staff regarding COVID-19 that applied from March 17 through March 31, will be extended through the end of April, with the University providing full pay and benefits through April 30th. At this time of significant uncertainty, this announcement reflects the university’s commitment to our community.

As we continue to monitor this fast-moving situation, we will keep you informed of the decisions we are making about our current staff-focused guidance.

Most staff members have made the transition to working remotely with minimal disruptions, and this approach continues to ensure that the university remains open and functioning, although in a mode different from what many of us are used to.

Thanks to each of you for your spirit of engagement, compassion, and service. To those who continue to work on campus, including public safety and public health professionals, our deepest gratitude.

In addition to your physical health, please know that the university provides services for counseling and mental health needs. I encourage you to check the university COVID-19 website regularly for updates and information.

As we work together to continue the operations of the University through challenging circumstances, on behalf of President Salovey and the other officers, thank you for your continued support of campus operations.

Janet Lindner
Vice President for Human Resources & Administration