Other Data Security Resources

Access additional links and information on protecting your mobile devices, practicing online safety, securely sharing files, and backing up data and files.

Portable devices such as smartphones, USB flash drives, and iPads are vulnerable to theft, loss, and resale, and should be properly secured. If stolen, an unsecured smartphone could grant access to your private information: email correspondence, address books, and any unsecured documents. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize the risks should you lose your device through accident or theft. Access additional information on the Yale ITS website.

Now, more than ever, individuals spend increasing amounts of time online. Learn how to keep your computers, phone, devices, and data safe on the Yale ITS website.

ITS offers a number of facilities and services that enable secure collaboration and file transfers. The Yale Secure File Transfer service allows members of the Yale community to share files with other people inside and outside of Yale University. It is a temporary and secure storage system for sharing files and data. Read more on the Yale ITS website.

Ensure your files and data stay safe. Computer security is more than protecting your hardware — you need to protect your data. Accidental loss, mechanical breakdown, or theft puts your data at risk when you do not back up your files. Yale computers containing confidential data must have regularly scheduled backups. Always use a secure data storage facility (such as the ITS backup service) for important or confidential Yale documents. Learn more on the Yale ITS website.