Furniture and Equipment Mover

Principal Responsibilities:

1. Moves and/or relocates, disassembles, reassembles, packs and unpacks (as required) heavy furniture, items and/or equipment beyond intended scope of specific items listed in lower LG job description such as GSA and Custodian.

2. Removes and reinstalls doors, shelves, casework, partitions, equipment, etc. necessary to accomplish move.

3. Assembles and/or disassembles/reassembles workstations and disconnects/reconnects necessary electrical connections. Moves, disconnects and reconnects cables and/or lines associated with items such as computers, gas tanks or bottles, equipment, etc.

4. Makes necessary adjustments as required or directed to equipment. Not intended for inclusion in this classification: routine incidental moving of furniture, items or equipment of a nonprolonged nature, in order to accomplish cleaning assignment done by custodians.

5. Operates full‐size truck; loads and unloads delivery vehicle as needed.

6. Delivers and picks up personnel, equipment and materials to and from designated areas as required within classification.

7. Check vehicle fluid levels, safety devices, maintain daily logs and cleanliness of trucks.

8. Delivers and picks up trucks for periodic scheduled servicing.

9. Reports malfunctions in material‐handling equipment to supervisor immediately.

10. Reports the need for repairs as they become evident: reports safety and fire hazards to supervisor.

11. Observes safe working habits and practices in the performance of physically demanding work.

12. When required, performs all duties described in the custodian job description; directs and trains lower labor grade employees.

Required Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or equivalent.

Four or more years of experience as a locksmith.

Required Skills and Abilities:

1. Ability to read, writes, follow written instructions; ability to read, understand and follow sketches and drawings.

Required Licenses or Certifications:

Must hold valid Driver’s License.

Valid Connecticut CDL Driver’s License.

Physical Requirements:

1. 1. Ability to perform physically demanding work including lifting and moving heavy furniture, items or equipment for prolonged periods.

2. Ability to use measuring tape and operate power tools, hand tools and equipment.

3. Meets the Physical Fitness Guidelines outlined for Furniture/Equipment Mover.

4. Meets all requirements for the Custodian position.