Chart of Accounts (COA)

The Chart of Accounts (COA) is a set of codes used to classify and record financial transactions in meaningful ways. Yale’s Chart of Accounts structure was designed to:

  • Identify specific “pots” of money and where it came from
  • Specify where that money can & is being used
  • Record the transactions related to that money

The COA also provides the structure for reporting and monitoring financial activity at Yale. It consists of segments and descriptive attributes (see below for an explanation of the PTAEO account structure) that help the University organize financial information for:

  • Internal reporting and financial management
  • External reporting and compliance
  • Effective management of restricted funds

PTAEO Forms and Linkages

Requesting Multiples – If you are requesting multiple new projects, tasks or linkages or wish to close multiple projects/tasks, you may consolidate LIKE items into one request. Please see the examples below. You must complete the header of the standard COA form; then insert or include a second tab (examples below) with the detail. This is for LIKE items only. Please do not include new projects, new linkages and project closures on the same spreadsheet – each of these require a separate COA form.