COA Contacts

Please send all completed forms to: 

COA department:

The COA team should also be contacted for questions or assistance for any PTAEO request form or for questions on usage of the Chart of Accounts.

Matters to be directed outside of COA

Accounting and Financial Management:

Oracle Financials & Financial Reporting Tool Support:

Questions regarding the use of expendable gifts and endowments to fund specific project expenses:

Questions about specific sponsored awards or sponsored projects contact:

  • Grants & Contracts Administration (GCA): 203-785-4689
  • Grant & Contract Financial Administration (GCFA): 203-785-3630

Questions or assistance with Capital Projects:

  • Capital Management: 203-432-8012 - Initiate project setup & manage funding
  • Facilities: Manage costs charged to capital projects
    • Central Campus: 203-432-2391
    • YSM: 203-785-4718
  • Capital Project Accounting: 203-432-3076 - Capital accounting policy and financial statement reporting of capital project costs.