General Payroll FAQs

The Payroll Department provides services to the Yale University community as well as Federal, State and Local authorities. Some of these services include but are not limited to:

  • Maintains employees payroll records
  • Monitors and implements payroll tax law changes.
  • Processes all Federal and State mandated employment tax forms.
  • Processes and prints all employee Payroll payment checks.
  • Distributes checks to employee’s campus addresses or US Mail address.
  • Assists the FSC (Finance Support Center) and individual department business managers with questions on Payroll Policies and Procedures.
  • Issues calendar year end tax documents.

Payroll questions should be directed to the Employee Service Center at (203) 432-5552 or via e-mail at Please include your employee identification number on all e-mail correspondence.

  • Your employee identification number is a unique number assigned to your Workday record at the time of implementation of the new HR/Payroll system or at your time of hire. (If hired after June, 1999). This is a Yale University numbering system that identifies you in Workday.
  • Your employee identification number is located on your check stub or deposit advice in the middle after your Name. The University encourages you not to use your Social Security Number on correspondences. 

Yale University currently provides two methods of payments:

  • Checks made payable to employee
  • Direct Deposit to employee’s financial institution (Please see Direct Deposit FAQ)

Yale University has three different payroll payment schedules. When and how often your Payroll payments are paid depends upon job classification and chosen payment method.

If you are paid… By Check Direct Deposit
Monthly Last business day of the month Same
Semi–Monthly The 15th of each month and the last business day of the month. Same
Weekly Every Thursday Every Thursday or Friday

Please Note: If a normal pay date falls on either a Yale University holiday or a bank holiday, then payment will be made on the prior business day.

Please contact the Employee Service Center at (203) 432-5552 or via e-mail at

PTO Balances for Clerical and Technical are applied July 1st of each year.  If you believe that the “paid time off” balances are incorrect on your check/deposit advice, please contact your business office first. If there are further questions, please have the business office call the Employee Service at (203) 432-5552.

Paid Time Off balances are applied to Service and Maintenance employees’ records on January 1st of each year. All new hires’ balances will be prorated. Please refer to the Yale University Local 35 contract for Paid time off entitlements. If you believe your balances are incorrect, please contact the Employee Service Center at (203) 432-5552.

You may access your pay stub by logging into Workday through, My Benefits/My pay and info.

Please contact the Employee Service Center at (203) 432-5552.

Complete and sign Section I and II of the Yale University Stop Payment Request Form and return it to the Payroll Department or Fax to 203-432-5153 as soon as possible.   If the stop payment was successful, a duplicate check will be processed. If the check in question has been cashed, a stop payment cannot be processed. You will be notified of this via email or telephone. Once you have completed a stop payment form and the original check is located, do not attempt to cash or deposit it. Please return original check to the Payroll Department.

A temporary Social Security Number is a temporary number for employees who have not yet received a valid Social Security Number from the Social Security Administration. (See the U.S. Social Security Administration for further information on obtaining a United States Social Security Number) A temporary number is for Yale University use only and cannot be used for any other reason (i.e. outside job applications, credit card applications, etc).

Bring or fax a copy of your social security card to the Employee Service Center as soon as you have received this information. This information is a necessity to have your wages be correctly reported to the Social Security Administration.