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These will phase out when units are no longer actively and regularly querying FY17 financial data from Oracle:

Tools - Transition from Oracle PTAEO to Workday COA

The following suite of tools has been made available by the Workday @ Yale Program to help the business community understand the transition from the Oracle PTAEO to the Workday COA. The goal of these tools is twofold:

  1. Provide departments with direct access to Oracle PTAEO to Workday COA mappings
  2. Provide context to the mappings through “converted” financial information – how certain financial transactions and balances will look in the new Workday COA

Departmental business offices and central financial staff will use these tools to help support the continued refinement of COA segment mappings and development of local and university charging instructions. The conversion mappings will continue to be available for refinement over the coming months, until the early spring when the Workday @ Yale program will stabilize and eventually “freeze” during implementation.

What PTAEOs are subject to “conversion” and included in the results of these tools?

The Workday Financials team will be converting four years of historical information into Workday (FY14 – FY17) and two years of budget data (FY16 – FY17). This includes only the net impact of transactions, not the transactions themselves. We are mapping to the Workday Chart of Accounts all of the PTAO combinations required to support this conversion.

New PTAEO combinations are added to the conversion tools weekly as they are used in Oracle financial systems. If you are looking for a PTAEO combination and do not see it in the mapping or conversion tools it means:

  1. That PTAO/PTAEO was never used in Oracle or YBT, or has not been used during the conversion period.
  2. Is new and has not been used yet. When it has been used, it will be brought into the mapping and conversion tools.

Reminders about Conversion Tool Output:

The conversion mappings are designed for historical financial information only and is only a starting point for the segments that you will use starting July 2017. Please check with your business office for final charging instructions on Workday transactions.


PTAEO to Workday COA Mappings

User Guide - Brio

This is a BUG format report dashboard that will provide direct, on-demand access to the PTAEO to WD COA mappings.

This report dashboard does not provide financial transaction or balance data. Certain reports will contain columns formatted for business office staff to use in connection with unit mapping update requests to COA. The COA mappings are updated weekly.

*See reminders above this table*

PTAEO to COA Converter

User Guide – Enter

User Guide – Batch

This is a web-based tool that converts a single PTAEO to the full Workday COA string. It can also be used for batch uploads of PTAEOs. This tool contains segment-only conversions and does not provide financial transaction or balance data.

*See reminders above this table*

BUG307b Sortable Detail Transaction with Workday Chart of Accounts User Guide – 307b A copy of BUG307a is being made available as BUG307b which adds a column for each Workday COA field that corresponds to the Oracle PTAEO for FY14-17 transactions.

YBT “COA Viewer”

User Guide – YBT Viewer Two reports have been developed for current YBT users which show budget or actual data for a given fiscal year grouped by Workday cost center and ledger account only, or by multiple COA segments.
DWH Views for Technical Staff User Guide – AdHoc This document describes tables and fields that are available to technical staff to support system remediation. Ad hoc queries should NOT be used to understand individual segment or PTAEO conversion; for this use the mapping brio report dashboard above.
COA Converter/Confirmation Tool No guide available

This web-based tool allows ISPs and other units to upload a spreadsheet of PTAOs with identifying information, and convert them to WD COA based on the Workday mapping tables. The tool batches uploadsand sends one file to the Lead Administrator that was mapped to the COA on 7/20. The LA can validate the COA.  Contact: Rick Dwyer

COA Confirmation Tool Instructions found inside of tool

This tool is best used on a small number of PTAEOs that have already been converted. It allows units to correspond with Lead Administrators about converted charging instructions. This tool should not be used to confirm large numbers of PTAEOs because it requires business offices to confirm every PTAEO. Contact: Nick Appleby

The Oracle COA to Workday COA conversion data will be made available in the Data Warehouse (DWH). Prior transactions (FY14-FY17) are “tagged” with new Workday COA in the DWH (Consolidated Transaction Table). Prior year procurement source transactions (FY14-FY17) are “tagged” with new Workday COA in the DWH (Expense Reports, Purchase Orders, Invoices). The tools below will look to this segment conversion data and these “tagged” transactions.