Treasury Services

Treasury Services

Treasury Services is responsible for maintaining the University’s operating bank accounts, for monitoring the University’s daily cash position, for processing all in-coming and out-going domestic and international wire transfers, the establishment of petty cash funds, and for the proper recognition in the general ledger of revenue transactions recorded through the Receipts Identification Form (RIF) system.  It is also responsible for the establishment of merchant numbers for the acceptance of credit cards on campus and for monitoring the University’s compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.   

Reporting Cash Transactions

The Internal Revenue Service requires reporting of certain cash transactions in excess of $10,000 within 15 days of receipt of cash. Please see Reporting Cash Transactions or contact the University Tax Department at 2-5530.


Treasury Services advises the Yale community on domestic and international banking issues and provides the following services at its two Cashiers’ Offices, which are located at 2 Whitney Avenue and 100 Sterling Hall of Medicine:

  • Distribution of petty cash
  • Issuance of cash and prepaid cards for advances and reimbursements
  • Delivery site for RIF (on–line deposit) tracking slips and funds
  • Processing of returned checks
  • Coin and change
  • Night deposit safe (Yale Police must provide escort and Key for 2 Whitney)
  • Processing of credit card transactions for departments that do not have their own credit card machines
  • Pick up of accounts payable checks (2 Whitney Avenue only)
  • Drop off for accounts payable documents (2 Whitney Avenue only)

Payments to Yale

Yale Departments – use the Yale Treasury Payment System to process the receipt of credit card payments for occasional or one-time events.