Financial Planning & Analysis

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The role of the Office of Financial Planning & Analysis is to provide accurate, timely, high quality financial analysis and advice to decision-makers at Yale. Financial Planning & Analysis:

  • Links the strategy of the University and its major units to the University’s long-range plan and annual operating and capital budgets
  • Manages the strategic 10-year financial modeling and annual target-setting processes
  • Re-engineers and deploys the process for translation of strategic targets into comprehensive, well-vetted annual operating/capital budgets
  • Leads the creation and oversees the implementation of a rigorous financial management capability to ensure delivery of annual budget results and strengthen cash flow predictability
  • Conducts special financial analyzes for university leadership
  • Builds a set of analytical resources, reports, and methodologies to enhance decision-making support at the University

Financial Analyst Coverage by Planning Unit Breakdown (Updated January 2024)

Long-Range Plan

The Office of Financial Planning & Analysis manages Yale’s 10-year strategic Long-Range Plan. The objective of the long-range plan is to monitor financial resources within Yale that will enable the university to sustainably achieve its mission.

From any given base year, the 10-year long-range plan is grown by a set of parameters that is approved by the Yale Corporation. The Office of Financial Planning & Analysis also develops and maintains planning sub-models in areas including fringe benefits, endowment revenue, University assessments and allocations, and cost recoveries, which are layered into the 10-year model. Updates are continuously made to these sub-models to reflect changes in assumptions and future outlooks from units.

Operating Budget

The University’s annual Operating Budget process is led by the Office of Financial Planning & Analysis. The Office:

  • Develops and distributes target budgets for units
  • Defines and manages the budget process; maintains the budgeting schedule
  • Aggregates and reviews the total University Budget
  • Produces the Budget Book (an annual publication providing a comprehensive overview of the University’s budget for leadership)
  • Acts as a training/consulting resource to Lead Administrators
  • Coordinates with Business Solutions to develop tools and reports in the Yale Budgeting Tool (YBT)

Capital Management

The primary responsibility of the Capital Management team is to assess and manage the impact of capital spending on the operating budget. This includes: translating capital spending into operating impacts, primarily interest and amortization; preparing annual interest and amortization/cash management budgets; and monitoring actual costs.
The Capital Management team works in conjunction with other University departments in fulfillment of its objectives. Together with Facilities, the Capital Management team constructs the University’s five year capital plan; accumulates information on future projects—their cost, their proposed financing and funding; develops information on gift expectations; and compiles reports and other presentations to distribute the information.


Working in the Office of Financial Planning & Analysis may serve as a critical step on the career path of Yale employees involved in finance. The Office is a key resource for the Chief Financial Officer. It proactively engages in all aspects of setting and refining strategy, and therefore develops analytically-skilled personnel who have a deep understanding of Yale’s needs and interests.

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