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Leverage the experience and expertise of the Buying Team to efficiently navigate the procurement of day-to-day goods and services.

Procurement Buying

Eliminating additional/unnecessary work

  • Review SOWs to ensure accuracy, compliance, and reduced risk for the university.
  • Partnering with departments to quickly locate Internal Service Providers (ISPs).
  • Working with Yale’s preferred suppliers to provide the necessary goods/services at reduced prices.

Minimizing your risk exposure

  • Ensuring that supplier’s terms align with Yale’s requirements.
  • Validating that quotes are valid/not outdated.
  • Confirming that non-standard payment types are not being requested.
  • Affirming that Yale’s agreements are used instead of suppliers.
  • Ensuring that Yale (not the supplier) owns IP (intellectual property).
  • Verifying that the supplier does not have terms that would allow them to use Yale’s brand (name or logo(s) in their marketing efforts).

Ensure that you receive the best pricing

We help you identify a preferred supplier that can provide the necessary goods/services at reduced prices.