Office and Lab Equipment Maintenance

To create a maintenance contract for lab equipment, a purchase order (PO) should be generated using the Workday ‘Create Requisition’ function. In order to get a new contract, first contact the vendor you would like to use to obtain a quote. Please refer to the Buying Guide for a full list of lab equipment service vendors.

After receiving a quote from the vendor, you will have the information you need to generate a PO in Workday.

If you wish to cancel a lab contract and there is still a considerable amount of time left on the contract before it expires, you may want to contact the vendor directly and inquire about a prorated refund for the remainder of the contract term. If the contract term has expired and you do not want to renew the contract, no further action is necessary.

Since the lab contracts are no longer managed centrally, there is no primary contact overseeing the contract renewals. However, if you would like to confirm details of University vendor agreements or if you have an issue when dealing with a vendor, please contact Fran Consiglio of the Procurement department:

Office Equipment Maintenance

The responsibility for maintaining the list of office equipment has been transferred to Yale Printing & Publishing Services. The primary contacts for office equipment service contracts in YPPS are:

Donna Mishiwiec
Phone: 203-432-6581

Jim Mathewson
Phone: 203432-3745

You can view the YPPS office equipment maintenance instructions and access the relevant documents at the YPPS Equipment Maintenance site.