Supplier Invoice Requests

Supplier Invoice Requests (SIR) are used to request payments to non-employees, or for goods and services with non-standard invoices. Examples may include:

  • Travel or other university business expense reimbursements
  • Honoraria
  • Use PandA for payments to Yale University students for Prizes, Awards and fellowships.
  • Expense reimbursements 120 or older for Students, Post Doctorate Associates and Post Doctorate Fellows
  • To pay licensing agencies, journal publishers, conference sponsors, Visa/SEVIS fees, and royalties, etc.:
    • When a purchasing card cannot be used
    • It is not a standard invoice
    • If special handling is required

Payments can be made by check, ACH/EFT, or wire

Payments for international suppliers:

  • Refer to the Payments to Non-US Individuals and Entities to determine required tax documentation
  • Confirm based on visa type if the individual is allowed to be reimbursed or paid
  • The W-8BEN(individuals)/W-8BEN-E (Entity) should be submitted as part of Supplier Set-Up (link to Supplier)
    • Confirm that the W-8 BEN is on file and current by running the “Find Supplier- Yale” report in Workday. The last two columns of this report identify the date the W8 BEN was signed and the date it expires
  • Collect all supporting documentation before entering Supplier Invoice Request in Workday. Documentation must demonstrate why Yale University should pay the Supplier. Utilize the chart below to ensure that all required documents are attached.
Supplier Invoice Request Documentation: (Attach the supporting documentation to each request)

For Domestic:

  • Receipts >/= $75
  • Flyer
  • Letter of invitation or email notification for guest speaker (use for honorarium payments), contract/agreements for services, entertainers etc. The Supplier’s full name and amount to be paid must be included
  • CT A&E Tax information (If applicable)

For international – all documentation listed above for Domestic, and the following:

Order of Work Action to Take Essential Process Details/Helpful Tips
1 Confirm the individual is not an employee of Yale Employees should be reimbursed via an Expense Report
2 Confirm the supplier is set up in Workday
3 Collect all supporting documentation See SIR Required Documentation Chart above in Key Information
4 Confirm the correct Chart of Accounts (COA) to be charged Check with your department business office
5 Identify the business purpose Should answer: Who, What Where, When and Why. Tips can be found on the Business Purpose section of the Expense Report Checklist
Order of Work Action to Take Essential Process Details/Helpful Tips
1 Create a Supplier Invoice Request
  • Type “Create Supplier Invoice Request” in Workday search box
  • Use the training guide for step-by-step instructions
2 Enter required information
  • Supplier Invoice Number: Enter “CR” for checks and/or ACH; “WR” for wire payments, plus the 7-digit TCN. Use the Transaction Control Number Generator to obtain a check request number
  • Visa type should be added to the Business Purpose field
  • Select the country of activity
Order of Work Action to Take Essential Process Details/Helpful Tips
1 To edit or cancel a SIR that you, or someone in your Cost Center created Use the training guide for step-by-step instructions
2 To reissue or stop payment on a check See the Requesting Accounts Payable (AP) Check Voids and Reissues procedures and policies
Order of Work Action to Take Essential Process Details/Helpful Tips
1 To check the status of the approval process, person responsible, and payment status, run the following reports
  • Enter IR number directly into the Workday search box or run one of the reports listed in #2 (below)
  • The header information will provide a summary on approval
  • Additional details can be found on the Process History tab
  • If the Supplier Invoice Request has been approved, click on the SI number to find out payment status (Activity tab)
2 Run reports as needed
  • Find Supplier Invoice Requests –Yale
  • Find Supplier Invoice – Yale report
  • My Business Processes in Flight – Yale
  • Invoice Aging in Progress – Yale
  • Find Suppliers – Yale
  • Non PO Invoice Activity – Yale
If You Need To: Request the Following Role:
Initiate/Create Cost Center AP Specialist
  1. Cost Center P2P $1K Approver
  2. Cost Center P2P $10K Approver
  3. Cost Center P2P Unlimited Approver

Speak to your supervisor regarding the appropriate dollar threshold for this role

Monitor/Run Report(s)
  1. Cost Center Financial Analyst
  2. Cost Center P2P Inquiry

View information on roles and responsibilities, including the use of delegates.