Supplier Set Up /Change Request Checklist

Supplier Set Up /Change Request Checklist
  • Supplier Legal Name
  • Supplier Number (for Change Requests only)
  • Supplier contact information (address, phone number, email address if they have one)
  • Tax Identification Number (Social Security Number (SSN) or TIN)
  • Supplier Category
  • Justification (Business Purpose)
    • Note if Supplier is a SciQuest Provider and provide their Contact Email/Fax for Purchase Orders
    • Note if payment is for reimbursement-only
  • Gather Payment Type Selection, Forms and Supporting Documentation
  • W-9 (Domestic)
  • W8-BEN/W8-BENE (International)


  1. For Change Requests, you only need to supply information/documentation related to your change or update request. Always ask the supplier if there are any changes to their information such as contact information or updates to their W-9 or W-8 BEN/W-8 BENE
  2. DO NOT include any tax forms other than the W-9/W-8 BEN/ W-8 BENE