Technology Purchases with an Authorized Reseller

Experiencing Fulfillment Delays

Due to global supply chain issues, the timeline for receipt of Lenovo and Apple laptops is significantly delayed.

Yale desktops and laptops must be purchased through the University and delivered to campus prior to pick up or shipment to someone’s home. This step ensures that your data is protected, through the use of antivirus software and encryption technologies. Additionally, devices are configured to meet Yale’s Minimum Security Standards (MSS). 

When you are ready to make a purchase, please contact your designated IT support provider, who can walk you through the process and answer any questions. Secure loaner laptops may be available for use until your new device is ready. If you recently purchased equipment and are unsure if your device meets Yale’s MSS (many devices available through consumer retail stores cannot meet these standards), please contact the Help Desk for assistance with an evaluation. As needed, you may be referred to your designated IT support provider.

Peripherals and accessories, including tablets, iPads, monitors, cables, mice, keyboards, cameras, headsets, and more can be shipped directly to someone’s home because it is the quickest way to receive them and they do not require configuration. For more information, review FAQs on the COVID-19 Operational Guidance page.

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Apple for Education
Contact Yale’s Apple account manager Dave Koffskey at

Use GovConnection to purchase tablets and peripherals, such as keyboards, monitors, other accessories using a P-Card. Items can be delivered directly to your home.

Visit Workday to purchase all laptops, desktops, and PCs using your department’s COA. Items must be delivered to campus prior to being picked up or delivered to your home.


The average order fulfillment duration for Lenovo and Apple laptops is currently significantly longer than the dates provided due to global supply chain issues. Yale Procurement, Information Technology, and suppliers are working together to identify new sources and reduce wait time.   

Action Time in transit Yale configuration/
Total average order
fulfillment duration
Order placed for Lenovo Computer (standard configuration) 3 - 5 business days to be shipped to Yale (includes shipping time) 4 business days* 7 - 9 business days
Order placed for Apple computer 3-4 weeks 4 business days* 4-5 weeks
Computer peripherals (monitors, instructional peripherals – headsets, mic’s, Wacom tablets, etc.) 4 business days No configuration required 4 business days
iPads 5 weeks No configuration required 5 weeks

*Equipment is configured by IT staff and ready for contactless pickup or shipment*

Disinfecting Protocols

IT follows these steps to protect the Yale community:

  • After configuration, machines are thoroughly wiped down with disinfectant wipes.
  • Machines stand for several minutes, as directed by disinfectant label instructions.
  • After applying a new pair of gloves, machines are re-boxed.
  • After re-boxing and applying a shipping label, boxes are wiped down, as needed.
  • Contactless pickup or shipping is available. If items are picked up, they are placed in the trunk or back of the vehicle by an IT staff member. Pickup is available outside of 55 Whitney Avenue or in the parking lot behind 135 College street; boxes are placed in the trunk or back of the vehicle.


Information and FAQs related to IT equipment purchases is available on the COVID-19 Operational Guidance page.

For additional support, contact the ITS Help Desk.