How to Do Business with Yale

Yale University purchases goods and services using practices that comply with federal and state laws, meet sponsor terms and conditions when applicable, and align with the university’s best business practices. Suppliers are added to the purchasing system if and only when specific requirements cannot be fulfilled through existing agreements.

Information for New Suppliers

To be considered for work at Yale, suppliers must fill out the New Supplier form. If there is an opportunity to bid, applicants may be considered as part of a pool of potential bidders. However, completion of the New Supplier form does not guarantee future business opportunities, nor does it guarantee an invitation to participate in future bidding events.

Best Practices for All Suppliers

We remind Yale suppliers, existing and potential, that the smooth and frictionless delivery of goods and services to the Yale community is our goal. To that end, we have identified three best practices to make sure that business transactions with your company are a pleasure for our Yale community members:

  1. Send in all required Supplier Information Documents (W8, W9, etc.)
  2. Sign up for one of Yale’s Supplier Fast Payment Options (SUA or ACH)
  3. Sign up for and use Yale’s Supplier Fast Answer Options (iSupplier Portal)

Links to Required Supplier Documents

We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the following guidance on doing business with Yale—including required documents, fast payment enrollment, invoice submission requirements, fast answer tools and other items—as soon as possible. Use the quick links below to get started now.

Vendor Compliance Requirements & Invoice Submission

Supplier Fast Payment Options Enrollment – Single Use Account (SUA) or Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH)  

Supplier Fast Answer Options (Supplier Inquiry & Self-Service via Yale’s iSupplier Portal)

Vendor Selection

In encouraging competition among its vendors, Yale strives to assure that the mix of quality, service and price best matches the stated need for its programs and activities. As part of this process, the university encourages the inclusion of small, minority-owned and women-owned business enterprises wherever possible. In support of the university’s Supplier Diversity objectives, Yale Purchasing Services promotes the use of diversity suppliers to the greatest extent possible and is available to advise and work with such suppliers to foster their growth as viable vendor candidates.

For more information, please contact Purchasing Services.