Vendor Guide to Invoice Requirements

To Expedite Payment, Paper Invoices should always:

  • Be mailed to:

Yale University
Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 208228
New Haven, CT 06520-8228
United States

  • Include a PO number if applicable
  • Include a unique invoice number.  Duplicate invoice numbers will delay payment significantly
  • Include the word “Invoice” on the document
  • Include an “Invoice date” on the document
  • Include a description of the goods provided or services rendered
  • Be printed on the vendor’s logo or letterhead
  • Include a “remit to” pay address
  • Include a current amount due (not a balance forward).
  • Include the person’s name who ordered the merchandise/service
  • Include the department’s name who ordered the merchandise/service
  • “Bill to” should be Yale Universtiy
  • Include discount options (if applicable)
  • Include payment terms (e.g. Net-30, Net Cash)