W-9 / W-8 Information

Payment to Suppliers

In its effort to streamline processes and to ensure continued compliance with certain Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements, the University will require departments to obtain an IRS Form W-9 or Form W-8 (W-8BEN for foreign individuals (non-resident aliens) or W-8BEN-E for foreign business entities) for each new supplier.  

All new suppliers (vendors, established businesses, and non-employees) who submit invoices or check requests for payment, including payments for honorariums, must supply the University with a copy of completed Form W-9 or Form W-8. U.S. suppliers are required to provide completed Form W-9. Non-U.S. individuals are required to provide completed Form W-8BEN. Non-U.S. entities are required to provide completed Form W-8BEN-E. In limited circumstances, a foreign entity may provide an alternative Form W-8 (e.g., W-8EXP, W-8ECI) in response to a request for a Form W-8. Please refer to IRS instructions:  http://www.irs.gov/uac/Form-W-8,-Certificate-of-Foreign-Status. The Finance Support Center  can also help determine which form is required.

Reasons for this requirement

1. The Form W-9/W-8 ensures that Yale has the payee’s correctly spelled name and correct mailing address for purposes of Form 1099 and Form 1042-S reporting.

2. The Form W-9/W-8 ensures that Yale has a business’s legal name and Doing Business As (DBA) name.

3. The W-9/W-8 ensures that Yale has a payee’s correct Tax Identification Number (EIN or SSN).


a) Suppliers will go on a “Missing W-9/W-8” hold until all proper documentation is received. The Finance Support Center can contact all new suppliers to request W-9/W-8 and Supplier Information Forms.

b) This procedure may add extra time to the process of adding a new supplier. Asking the supplier to provide the proper documentation in the beginning of the process will help avoid any loss of time. 

c) Form W-9 is not required for reimbursements, but it is beneficial to have Form W-9 on file.

d) Departments can instruct suppliers to contact The Finance Support Center and send all documentation to sharedservices@yale.edu.