Grant and Contract Account Holder Portfolio Review

Why are we reviewing this item?

Principal Investigators and other budget owners have a responsibility to review actual spending compared to budget for grants or areas of responsibility. This step ensures that the correct people are receiving all of the necessary information they need to manage their portfolio or accounts.

What are we looking for?

  • To ensure that Account Holders receive the monthly reports scheduled directly in Workday. Additional reports may be given to the account holder to help them in their review.
  • That currently scheduled Portfolio Review package includes all the reports needed.

What are the consequences for non-compliance with the task?

  • The Account Holder may not have sufficient time to initiate adjustments or corrections in accordance with grant policy
  • Fraud may go undetected
  • Over spending against budget may continue without a plan in place to resolve this issue
  • Potential inaccurate financial statement.

What do I do once I find an issue?

  • Take the appropriate steps to schedule reports in Workday and provide retroactive statements to the account holders

Whom do I contact with questions about this?

Financial Support Center at or 203-432-5394

What comments would be valuable for you to add into the Checklist?

  • Identifying significant and unusual items and their resolution
  • If not yet resolved, identify specific steps taken toward resolution
  • Identify progress and/or resolution of previously identified items

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