Subaward Invoice Payments

Why are we reviewing this item?

To ensure there are no payment issues - duplicate payment or incorrect awards. To be sure that invoices are being submitted from the subcontractor in a timely fashion.

What are we looking for?

  • Payment errors
  • Timeliness of payment/receipt of invoices

What are the consequences for non-compliance with the task?

  • Financial Status Report (FSR) resubmissions
  • Billing after the award has closed (or Subawards time period)
  • Discrepancies with budget and accuracy of balances (budget planning)

What do I do once I find an issue?

  • Finance Support Center at or 203-432-5394 for payment issues
  • Escalate to PI as necessary
  • Contact Subawardee
  • OSP for funding/award date issues

Whom do I contact with questions about this?

  • Financial Support Center at or 203-432-5394
  • PI if needed
  • Office of Sponsored Porjects (OSP) for funding/award date issues

What comments would be valuable for you to add into the Checklist?

Notes about significant finding or variations and actions taken to resolve them and any actions requiring follow-up

Helpful Links

Reports and Tools

  • Invoice Aging In Progress – Yale
  • Find Subawards – Yale