Typical F&A Expenses charged to a Federal Grant

Why are we reviewing this item?

To ensure compliance with sponsor award guidelines

What are we looking for?

  • Compliance with University and sponsor guidelines
  • At-risk transactions or those that should be questioned/verified
  • Required documentation in procurement system or departmental files

What are the consequences for non-compliance with the task?

  • Cost transfers; inaccurate financial statements
  • Inappropriate use of grant funds
  • Timing issue and the potential for disallowed costs after filing
  • Funds returned to sponsor when other allowable costs benefited the project

What can I do to minimize the number of transactions I need to review and resolve?

Determine if education or training of staff is required

What do I do once I find an issue?

  • Look within the department for approval of possible F&A costs
  • Check IRES
  • Education and training as needed
  • Process any necessary adjustments in a timely manner

Whom do I contact with questions about this?

  • Initiator, preparer or approver of transaction
  • Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Your Lead Administrator or Operations Manager

What comments would be valuable for you to add into the Checklist?

  • Identifying significant and unusual items and their resolution
  • If not yet resolved, identify specific steps taken toward resolution
  • Identify progress and/or resolution of previously identified items

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