Non-Grant & Contract Account Holder Portfolio Review

Why are we reviewing this item?

Account Holder portfolio review is necessary to ensure the accuracy of financial statements and to ensure that all financial transactions are compliant with university policies. This review should occur prior to meeting with the Account Holder as it is essential to discuss issues/problems that need to be addressed in a timely manner.

What are we looking for?

  • Non-compliance with University Policies and Procedures
  • Deficit balances or projected overspending
  • Reasonable, allowable, and allocable payroll and non-payroll expenses
  • POAP commitments for large dollar amounts that are older than 90 days
  • Payroll Costing Allocations coming to an end
  • Charges to Program PG99999 or Project PJ028458

What are the consequences for non-compliance with the task?

  • Inaccurate financial statements
  • Overspending of departmental budgets
  • Overspending of available funds restricting future program activities

What can I do to minimize the number of transactions I need to review and resolve?

Identify the root causes and address the problem through education, training and documentation.  Review portfolios monthly and more frequently if funding is significantly changing.

What do I do once I find an issue?

Discuss relevant issues with the Account Holder, develop plans to address further issues and process all needed correcting transactions immediately (i.e. Journal Entry or Payroll Accounting Adjustment, release commitments, update payroll costing allocations, work with others as needed (ie HR, ISPs)

Whom do I contact with questions about this?

  • The Account Holder
  • Other departments if they were involved with the identified issue
  • Your Lead Administrator or Operations Manager
  • Financial Support Center at or 203-432-5394

What comments would be valuable for you to add into the Checklist?

  • Identifying significant and unusual items and their resolution
  • If not yet resolved, identify specific steps taken toward resolution
  • Identify progress and/or resolution of previously identified items

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