Coaching and Feedback in Performance Management

Clear, collaborative, and productive conversations between employees and managers are the foundation of Performance Management at Yale. Delivering and receiving coaching and feedback are skills critical to each part of the performance management process for both the manager and the employee.

Feedback is a powerful mechanism that supports the annual performance cycle. To be effective, feedback needs to be timely and specific, descriptive and constructive. Immediate descriptions of events (what was the context) and behavior (how it was done) that are linked to results and impact (what was the outcome) create clear and motivating messages that drive the right behaviors and results. Giving feedback is a crucial part of any open, honest working relationship. It takes effort and practice to deliver and receive productive and constructive feedback that maintains that relationship. All employees need to understand how they are doing so that they can continue, correct, or improve performance.

Coaching is particularly helpful at each phase of the performance management cycle to build a shared understanding of the priorities, objectives, and address needed improvement and development.

Coaching and Feedback