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LinkedIn Learning

Eligible faculty, student, and staff members can take advantage of LinkedIn Learning courses in leadership, professional development, creative media, and information technology. Its courses are designed for in-depth and just-in-time instruction at various skill levels.

The platform also offers some of the same courses in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin or Brazilian Portuguese languages. View a small sampling of topics and courses.

Explore, Learn, and Grow

  • Go to LinkedIn Learning and log in with your Yale netID and password. If you have been working with courses, you will find all learner-specific data has migrated when you activated your account.
  • Connecting your LinkedIn Profile with your LinkedIn Learning account is optional. Initially, you will be asked twice if you want to connect your LinkedIn Profile to your LinkedIn Learning account. If you choose not to link your profile to your account, you can still log into LinkedIn Learning.
    You can decide to link your profile to your account at a later date, if desired. View the Getting Started with LinkedIn Learning guide.
  • Showcase your professional growth and development at Yale and enter your completed courses or certifications into your Workday Talent Profile.
  • Consult the Learn and Grow page to find out about other learning and career development opportunities at Yale. 


  • Courses are broken down into multiple 2 – 10 minute segments.
  • Take the entire course or review an individual segment.
  • Practice using downloadable exercise files demonstrated in the video, where applicable.
  • LinkedIn Learning allows you to customize your privacy settings. 
  • If you choose to connect your LinkedIn Profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, Yale will only be able to view your learning activity, profile information (photo, name, work title), and courses transferred to your group account. Aggregate data on skills within the organization will also be collected based on skills identified by Yale employees in their public LinkedIn profiles. Learn more about LinkedIn Learning’s privacy and account security
  • If at any point users wish to disconnect their account, you may do so using the following steps:
    • Click Disconnect on the appearing popup.
    • Click Disconnect my account
    • Scroll down to the option to disconnect your LinkedIn account from your LinkedIn Learning account provided by your organization
    • Click the Settings tab. 
    • Navigate to the Me icon located at the top righthand side of the screen. 
  • Contact the IT Help Desk with any questions.

Please note that LinkedIn courses are created by a third party and its content may not align with Yale’s policies and content standards. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with, and adhere to, Yale’s policies. Please refer to your Human Resources Generalist (HRG) for more tailored support.

For information on in-person training, visit the Learn and Grow page. (Due to COVID-19, many of the in-person courses have been transitioned into the virtual environment. We will return to in-person trainings when appropriate.)

Coursera for Campus at Yale

All faculty and staff have access to Yale’s courses on Coursera, for free, for a completion certificate. Faculty and Staff may access these courses by signing onto Coursera for Campus with their netID. Click the Program Link to join.

Login and Start Learning

  1. Click on this Program Link
  2. Click “Join for Free”
  3. You will be prompted to “Log in with Yale”
  4. Log in with your netID credentials.
  5. You will be routed back to the Coursera platform and can start enrolling in Yale courses.
  6. A Learner guide is available for help and additional information.


  • All courses will appear under ‘Browse Catalog.’ Yale faculty and staff created each and every course in this catalog.
  • Once you enroll in a course, your progress will appear under ‘My Courses.’
  • You will join thousands of learners around the globe accessing our content.

Your completion certificate is sharable on your LinkedIn profile.

Professional Development Online Courses and Collections

Note: (c) indicates the link leads to a collection of courses.

Topic Online Course
Stress Management
Technology Skills
Workplace Skills

Leadership Development Online Courses and Collection

Topic ONLINE Course
Manager Fundamentals
Team Management
Decision Making
Performance Management

Career Development Online Courses

Topic Online Course
Resume Writing
Cover Letter

Informational Interviewing

Online Presence

Individual Development Plans

Experiential Learning