Our Learning Philosophy

Yale understands the immense value of learning and is committed to creating excellent learning opportunities for our staff—opportunities that enable our employees to grow, that unleash talent and capacity, and that match our strengths to the demands of Yale as our workplace. We believe learning can be sparked from many corners: steady on-the-job experiences that build a skill, new opportunities to try something different, guidance from an experienced supervisor, conversations with a mentor or sharing among colleagues, the stories and ideas of great thinkers and doers, and the many classroom and on-line venues Yale offers. Great organizations are created through the exceptional contributions of valued employees and we want to support Yale’s staff in their life-long journey to achieving their personal best.

“For us to build the best possible version of Yale, now and for generations to come, we must work together to strive for the highest standards of quality and productivity. This means encouraging every colleague to achieve his or her personal best while seeking opportunities to improve the way we do business.”  President Peter Salovey

We invite our staff to…

  • embrace Yale’s value of life-long learning by seeking new experiences to grow personally and professionally;
  • own their development planning process, engaging their manager and creating networks to discuss their learning objectives and strategies for exploration;
  • embrace their current roles striving for higher performance with plans that match individual goals with department and University needs;
  • take advantage of the many programs and tools offered through the University.

We encourage all staff to utilize the variety of tools, resources, and programs available to enhance their effectiveness, stimulate their curiosity, and advance their professional aspirations.