Clerical & Technical Training and Development

Introducing the Model Office

Staff members who wish to move into an administrative position and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving talents can learn and apply new skills within a simulated work environment based on actual work scenarios.

The Model Office will launch its first offering, “Complex Scheduling for Administrative Assistants,” during the C&T Summer Training program. The session will provide tips for scheduling complex meetings quickly and efficiently in Outlook and develop problem-solving skills to overcome challenges when they arise. Additional trainings will be developed and offered in the future.

Register for Sessions

The 2021 Clerical & Technical Summer Training program will kick off June 8. To register for a session, be sure you are connected to Yale’s virtual private network (VPN).

Assess and Develop Your Skills

As the business needs of our work environment change, it’s important to routinely assess and develop both the soft skills and the business and system skills to meet evolving department needs. These web pages provide self-assessment tools, learning resources, and forms for creating your learning and development plan.

There are many opportunities for Yale staff to bolster their skills and talents, explore different job families, or engage in career exploration and personal development. One can build on the skills that are relevant to the employee’s current position and develop skills and knowledge that are stepping stones to other jobs and job families.

Clerical and Technical Training

Be sure to watch for upcoming Clerical & Technical (C&T) training and development offerings, sponsored by Local 34 and the University, during the summer each year. Each C&T is contractually entitled to up to 30 hours of training time per year. C&Ts can record their time using the code “Training Release Time” in MyTime. 

Staff members who are interested in attending the kickoff event or classes should work with their supervisors to help plan for appropriate coverage within their department.

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