Accounts Payable


The AP Worklist is an online tool for Yale business offices to electronically view, process and approve invoices on hold.

  • Easy-to-use interface routes invoices on hold directly to the unit that is required to take action prior to payment
  • Invoices are routed to an individual’s Worklist based on the organization segment of the PTAEO
  • Users take action on an invoice and directly update Oracle. This eliminates Accounts Payable intervention and improves invoice payment time to Yale suppliers!

The AP Worklist improves turn-around time for resolving payment issues.

Access the AP Worklist End User Guide (Version 1.3 Upgrade Enhancements)

Access the Processing Invoiced Holds: AP Invoice Workflow & AP Approval Worklist Guide

Most Valuable Features identified by pilot users:

  • Improved visibility/one location of holds
  • Immediate notification of holds
  • Immediate releasing of holds
  • Ability to view invoice image

Request/Change Access

Departmental Business Managers or their designees arrange for Yale Staff to access the AP Worklist by contacting Patti Taylor, Yale University Procurement, at 203-432-8379.

Departmental Business Manager or designees

To request access for yourself and others, please provide Patti Taylor, Yale University Procurement with the following data:

  • The names and NetIDs of the individuals requiring access to the application. This should be the individuals who currently process the invoice holds for the unit.
  • The portion(s) of the University Oversight Hierarchy the individuals will need access to. Access may be granted at any branch of the hierarchy, from the Officer level to the Organization level. The larger the branch the easier the access will be to maintain for the unit. View the Organizational Hierarchy Viewer.


Individuals awaiting access will be copied on all emails regarding their access request. Once access is granted to the AP Worklist, all pending holds will be routed to your Worklist and the email process will cease.

Procure-to-Pay Dashboards

Lead Administrators and Operations Managers have access to a new information tool, the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Dashboard.  Developed in Tableau, the P2P Dashboard gives Business Operations leaders a graphical tool to monitor invoice holds and OK2Pay invoice activity in their organizations.


We welcome your questions about Yale’s tools and applications! If you have a question about the AP Worklist, you may be able to instantly find the answer on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000.

If you have a question about a business process such as why is this invoice on hold or how do I release this invoice from hold, please contact the Yale Shared Services Contact Center or 203-432-5394.

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