Buying Guide


Yale’s Buying Guide is designed to save you time in locating reputable and reliable suppliers. Some suppliers have elaborate contracts in place that provide the University with deep discounts on frequently purchased goods and services. Other supplier contracts are in place primarily for ease of use. Still others have no contract.  Because there are a variety of recommended approaches, be sure to note the recommended method buy-pay approach for each supplier in the Buying Guide.

Getting Started

Finding a Supplier:

  • Alpha Sort
    Search the Buying Guide for suppliers alphabetically. This type of search is recommended when you need the details of a particular supplier such as contract number, address, contact information, etc.
  • Commodity sort
    Search the Buying Guide for suppliers by commodity (goods/services). This type of search is recommended when you need to locate a reputable and reliable supplier.
  • Internal Service Providers
    Search list of Internal Service Providers.
  • Stockroom Suppliers
    Products from the supplier you have chosen are available from the Kline Stockroom and/or the Medical School Stockroom.
  • SciQuest Suppliers
    SciQuest suppliers in the Buying Guide are only available through Yale’s eProcurement solution, SciQuest. These suppliers will not accept VIP phone orders. Use a VIP number for payment with these suppliers through SciQuest only. These suppliers have the notation of “SciQuest” in the Buying Guide.
  • For local hotel information, please visit Yale Travel Services.

You may export the data in this list to Excel for further sorting but please be aware that the data is maintained on a weekly basis by Purchasing Services.


If you should encounter data in this list that is inaccurate, please notify us immediately at

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