Graduate Student Payment (GSPS)


The Graduate Student Payment System, is an Oracle system developed in-house in 1995. It is used to record and process payroll and fellowship information for students enrolled in the Graduate School, but not the Professional Schools. Payroll instructions for all student stipends (including teaching), tuition fellowships, and other types of fellowships may be entered directly into GSPS by the business office or departmental registrar of the student’s degree department. Data may be retrieved using BrioQueries.

Request/Change Access

An email request must be sent to Please include your name, NetID and phone number.

Policies Procedures & Forms

Business Office/Manager must sign application accepting responsibility for overpayments and record retention in accordance with University policies, and for entering student financial awards in accordance with Graduate School policies. All GSPS users are required to meet with staff of the Graduate School Financial Aid Office for initial training, and thereafter as required.