Labor Distribution


Labor Distribution (LD) is the Oracle application that distributes employee earnings to the appropriate PTAEO or PTAEOs, an accounting instruction comprised of five segments (Project, Task, Award, Expenditure type, Organization). For information about the segments of the PTAEO, please consult the Chart of Accounts Handbook.

This on-line application will allow the user to:

  • Enter labor schedules for C&T (Clerical & Technical), M&P (Managerial & Professional), CAS (Casual), STH (Student Hourly), and FAC (Faculty) employee earnings
  • Update labor schedules to reflect start and end dates of funding sources
  • Monitor and Maintain labor schedules based on budgetary and funding source requirements and staffing changes
  • Define and Approve Distribution Adjustments
  • Review LD User Reports
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy of labor cost management

Policies Procedures & Forms


If you have any questions on Labor Distribution, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000.