Email Template to Encourage Reduced Printing

Example email communication to encourage reduced printing on campus

Please use your discretion as to how and when you communicate this information to your colleagues. The email template below is suggested language to use when working with individuals in your area to help educate them on best practices for paper reduction on campus.

To: < Identified Recipient >
From: < Lead Administrator, Operations Manager or Other Designated Individual>
Subject:  University Awareness to Reduce Printing on Campus

As noted in the Yale Sustainability Strategic Plan, the University is committed to reducing paper purchases on campus by 10% by the close of FY16.

Earlier this year, PaperCut print management software was installed on Yale Managed Workstations and other computers on campus to help us all identify opportunities for more efficient printing processes on campus. PaperCut software does not record what is being printed. It simply monitors print volume and the type of printing options selected from the computer (including when you print home).

Reports are distributed monthly to Lead Administrators, Operations Managers and other designated individuals to provide general information about the print selections each person has selected. The latest report that was received identified you as someone who has printed a large volume of paper in the last month compared to your colleagues who share similar roles. 

Below are a few suggestions that may contribute to more efficient printing processes:

  • Print only necessary pages. If you do not need to print the entire document, select only the pages you need from print settings.
  • Print double-sided whenever possible.
  • Print the document as a PFD and store it locally on your computer.
  • Is this a system or process that could be more efficient and/or cost-effective if printed electronically?

Please visit the Office of Sustainability Print Reduction website for more information.  If after reviewing the site, you still have questions, please direct them to or 203-436-3571.

Thank you for your support in helping accomplish our goal to save money and diminish the environmental footprint at Yale.