Professional and Career Development

Continuous Learning Begins With You

Possibilities are endless when you take the initiative to learn and grow as a professional at Yale. Developing an Individual Development Plan with your manager can open the door to a new career direction. Completing your Talent Profile helps your manager understand your background and the unique skills you bring to Yale. Build confidence by sharing new knowledge with colleagues or find a mentor by joining an Affinity Group. There are numerous opportunities at Yale to learn and grow.

Learn New Skills, Polish Existing Ones

The University provides extensive opportunities to develop your skills and grow—within or beyond your current role—throughout your entire Yale career.

Grow From Your Experiences

Depending on your goals, you can strengthen your on-the-job proficiency or build new skills through instructor-led programs, online training, career or professional development coaching—and more.

Professional Development

Course Description
Aspiring Manager (Employees should discuss eligibility with their manager) This three half-day program will help those interested in a management career investigate some of the key requirements and challenges of moving from individual contributor to manager. Participants must be nominated by their manager to be considered for the program.
Communicating for Results Learn how to say what you mean and mean what you say by using a simple communication model. Explore the roles of effective communication.
Leading with Influence Develop your skills to enlist, persuade, and engage others to achieve results.
Learning in Motion: Speak, Listen, Be Understood Join us for a 90-minute workshop to build awareness around verbal and non-verbal cues, the sender/receiver model, and tips and techniques for successful communications.
Mastering Difficult Conversations Learn to apply practical tools to effectively and confidently handle difficult conversations.
Navigating Conflict Understand how people typically deal with conflict and learn how to steer potential conflict in a constructive direction. Participants will take the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument.
Project Management for Yale Professionals This course is intended for those either leading projects or interested in learning more about the project management discipline.

Writing at Yale Level 1: Understanding the Fundamentals

We communicate frequently, internally, and externally, and must favorably represent the university, while expressing ourselves clearly. In this 4-hour course, participants refresh the fundamentals to communicate effectively and professionally. You will gain techniques and tips to review and edit, improve email composition, and receive valuable feedback from peers in practice.
Writing at Yale Level 2: Elevate Your Writing To be exceptional requires time and effort. Writers with a clear understanding of the fundamentals devote time to improving their writing skills. While Writing at Yale Level 1: Understanding the Fundamentals is not required, it is recommended that you have fundamental writing skills for this course. Participants will benefit from opportunities to practice freewriting, apply new techniques, and collaborate with peers to elevate their writing skills.
Taking Pride in Your Job An essential element every employee must have in their tool-kit focuses on four simple principles: catching the energy, playing at work, making their day, and choosing your attitude.
Workflow Management Explore how to create focus, organize information, and improve time management to encourage planful personal productivity.

Career Development

Best Foot Forward This fast-paced experiential workshop focuses on six core aspects of
professionalism: attitude, appearance, attendance, initiative, integrity, and respect.
Informational Interviewing: The Ultimate Networking Tool Learn what informational interviews are and how to prepare for them.
Interviewing with Confidence Enhance your interviewing skills and develop your story with solid research and preparation.
Job Crafting: Turning the Job You Have into the Job You Want Learn how to shape and redefine your job to make it more meaningful.
Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn Build a LinkedIn profile that promotes you and your accomplishments and establish a network with other like-minded professionals.
Navigating Your Career at Yale: Getting Started Discover what you need to know when searching for a new opportunity at Yale.