IRES: Integrated Research Enterprise Solution


IRES (Integrated Research Enterprise Solution) is Yale’s integrated web-based research administration system designed to track pre-award data, and help administrators involved in sponsored research manage the proposal submission and award process including compliance requirements. Modules of the system released to date include:

  • Disclosure of External Interests (COI/COC): Faculty can make their annual disclosure to the Conflict of Interest (COI) Office through a new, streamlined online form.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities for department administrators: disclosure status and status of transactional reviews for award set-up. Users may view their own disclosure status through Workday Learning.
  • With standardized report capabilities, staff can provide up-to-date information to department administrators, faculty, researchers, and chairs about the status of their sponsored projects. The reporting solution enables users to confirm the status of their proposal and award information, including detailed information regarding budgets, regulatory compliance requirements, and training.
  • Department staff will utilize the reporting capabilities to obtain pre-award and disclosure information.

The Integrated Research Enterprise Solution (IRES) is a research administration tool used to facilitate the development, submission and retention of pre-award and awarded proposal information, as well as the collection of compliance and other required institutional information. The IRES solution is made up of a series of linked systems that deliver the following benefits:

  • Proposal Tracking (PT) is a system used to capture and store pre-award and awarded proposal information.  It serves as the primary source for sponsored project information at Yale, and is used by the Office of Grant and Contract Administration, Compliance Units and departments.
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) is an easy-to-use system designed to facilitate disclosure of financial relationships on holdings that may conflict with the conduct of sponsored research.  It is used by faculty and any others involved in the design, conduct or reporting of sponsored research.
  • Proposal Development (PD) is a new system that will be used by departments to create and submit proposals electronically to the Office of Grant and Contract Administration for review and approval, with all information entered being stored in the Proposal Tracking (PT) system.
  • IRES Reporting Solution offers standardized reports that provide sponsored project information to department administrators, faculty, researchers and chairs.  The solution enables users to confirm pre-award, award and conflict of interest information, including budgets, regulatory compliance requirements, and training information.


IRES access is available to all individuals who are involved in the sponsored project administration process. Contact for access information.


IRES is available to faculty, staff and business administrators who are involved in sponsored research or help to manage the proposal/award lifecycle.


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