Yale Performance Management

Making sure staff members receive clear and thoughtful feedback on their job performance is a practice that is consistently cited of best places to work. All staff members deserve to receive candid, high-quality feedback about their performance. 

The performance management process at Yale builds on a framework of providing meaningful feedback and ongoing coaching. The hallmarks of the process include joint goal setting between the supervisor and staff member, self-assessment by the staff member, and the opportunity to engage in productive discussions regarding performance at mid-year and year-end.

The annual performance management discussion is designed to:

  • Provide clear and useful feedback to the staff member about their performance on the past year’s goals;
  • Elicit self-evaluations of staff members regarding their performance;
  • Focus the staff member on being the best they can be going forward;
  • Improve communication between the manager and the staff member; and,
  • Identify strengths, talents, and passions; plan ways to use them on the job.

As a part of performance management cycle, you will need to have frequent discussions throughout the year, prepare for the annual meeting, create a dialogue by asking for input, listen and react positively to the contributions of staff, clearly relate the impact of performance on the department, the customer, and the university, and focus on the future.

Below are guides and tools for more information. For questions, contact your Human Resources Generalist.

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