Leadership Expectations

The leadership expectations provide key attributes and competencies that all managers of staff at Yale are expected to demonstrate in their roles. Managing at Yale is designed to assist managers of staff (at all levels) in further strengthening their skills and abilities to ensure that they are able to effectively achieve the following expectations:

Demonstrate Integrity and Character

  • Consistently exhibit a high standard of integrity and ethical behavior
  • Resolve conflicts in an open and direct manner
  • Communicate candidly

Achieve Outstanding Results

  • Set clear goals and priorities
  • Deliver on commitments
  • Make timely, high-quality decisions
  • Add value with superior expertise
  • Deliver a high level of customer service

Inspire and Develop People

  • Select the best people for the organization
  • Actively develop people, teams and self
  • Inspire a high level of commitment and performance
  • Create a culture of respect where diversity and inclusiveness are valued
  • Collaborate effectively across Yale boundaries

Lead Innovation and Positive Change

  • Develop an inspiring vision and the strategies to achieve it
  • Communicate effectively and motivationally
  • Search for and apply new ideas from inside Yale and other organizations
  • Encourage people to look for innovative ways to accomplish goals