Meeting Notes for Managers, May 2023

Below is a summary of university-wide news and workplace information for you to reinforce with your teams during staff meetings or via email updates:

Healthy Yale changes worth noting
The It’s Your Yale Workplace Guidance webpages are no longer active so visitors are being redirected to Yale’s COVID-19 website where a few remaining FAQs related to workplace guidance are now located. Guidance on notification of positive test results can now be found at this webpage.

Performance management reminder: Preparing for year-end conversations
As you prepare for a collaborative year-end conversation with your employee, you will want to refresh your understanding of the critical aspects of performance management, especially coaching and delivering and receiving feedback. You can also consult the Performance Management webpage, which has a wealth of information, resources, and forms to guide you through the cycle at Yale. The Year-end Review webpage might also be helpful. Note: Workday Merit closes June 16.
Do you have aspiring managers on your team?
If the answer is yes, consider nominating them for Yale’s Aspiring Manager Program. Since employees are the university’s greatest assets, and their development is a top priority, this program provides staff members with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully consider becoming a Yale manager.
Be Open to Discovery this Summer
Stay open and curious during the summer months by exploring a range of self-directed activities, festivals, volunteer opportunities, museums, and galleries. Learn more.
June focuses on Juneteenth
Learn about the history of Juneteenth (short for “June Nineteenth”) and explore events, media, and other opportunities to educate ourselves, and continue the fight for justice.
Yale celebrates Pride through June
April through June, Yale honors its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other identities through Pride celebrations.
Parking fee reinstatement - Guidance for managers
There have been several questions raised following the announcement that effective July 1, parking fees will be reinstated to the full normal rate. Managers are encouraged to direct staff to the FAQs on the It’s Your Yale parking webpages for guidance. The information below has been developed to help managers address additional questions from staff.
  • Is the reinstatement of the full parking rate an indication that the university will require staff to return full-time to the office?
    The reinstatement of the parking rate is unrelated to the university’s flexible work model initiative. We expect the mode that people are working in today to continue - some full time on campus; some largely remote; most hybrid.
  • If we only come in two days per week, but are being charged the full parking rate, doesn’t this create inequities between hybrid and fully remote staff?
    While some may feel that this creates an inequity, it’s important to note that different roles come with different responsibilities, expectations, and requirements. Those concerned about the reinstatement of the parking rate can consider the “Daily Debit” parking option, carpooling, public transportation, on street parking, or evaluating private parking lots as alternative options.