Approved States for Hiring Candidates

Out-of-State Work Arrangements 

The majority of Yale employees work at a University campus location in Connecticut. In limited circumstances, a University department identifies a business need to hire or assign an employee to a work location outside of Connecticut.  These arrangements require specific advanced University approval.

Below is a list of Yale approved states where you can hire regular or temporary employees to work remotely.

However, if your department wishes to hire someone to work in a state not on the below list, approval is needed from the Out of State Review Committee. 

Please complete the Out-of-State Questionnaire form and submit to Employee Services, which will then route for committee review. The out of state review committee will be back in touch with further questions and/or information.

Approved States

  1. Alabama (AL)
  2. Arizona (AZ)
  3. Arkansas (AR)
  4. Colorado (CO)
  5. Delaware (DE)
  6. Florida (FL)
  7. Georgia (GA)
  8. Hawaii (HI)
  9. Illinois (IL)
  10. Indiana (IN)
  11. Iowa (IA)
  12. Kansas (KS)
  13. Kentucky (KY)
  14. Louisiana
  15. Maine (ME)
  16. Maryland (MD)
  17. Massachusetts (MA)
  18. Michigan (MI)
  19. Minnesota (MN)
  20. Nebraska (NE)
  21. New Hampshire (NH)
  22. New Jersey (NJ)
  23. New York (NY)
  24. North Carolina (NC)
  25. Ohio (OH)
  26. Oklahoma (OK)
  27. Oregon (OR)
  28. Pennsylvania (PA)
  29. Rhode Island (RI)
  30. South Carolina (SC)
  31. Tennessee (TN)
  32. Texas (TX)
  33. Utah (UT)
  34. Vermont (VT)
  35. Virginia (VA)
  36. Washington (WA)
  37. Washington DC (DC)
  38. West Virginia (WV) 
  39. Wisconsin (WI)