Checklist for Hiring Managers

Creating the Job Posting

1. The Hiring Manager will work with your HRG and business office to create the posting and submit the requisition (the Recruiter may be part of this initial discussion).
2. The department will create the Workday requisition.
3. The Workday requisition goes through the approval process, including receiving approvals from the Lead Administrator, HRG, and PRC/OTR or other departmental approval if applicable.
4. The Workday requisition integrates into STARS and the hiring department completes the supplemental job information in STARS.
5. The requisition is routed to Staffing. The posting is edited, and necessary language is added.

Opening the Job Posting

6. An intake meeting is scheduled between the Recruiter and Hiring Manager to review required skills, preferred skills, competencies and the recruitment strategy (i.e. advertising plan, when applicable).
7. If needed, the Hiring Manager will learn how to use STARS for Managers.
8. The Recruiter will post to internal and external gateways (C&T jobs are only posted to the internal and layoff gateways for the first 14 days).

Candidate Review and Interviewing

9. The Recruiter qualifies and sends candidates to the Hiring Manager for review.
10. The Hiring Manager develops a list of interview questions.
11. The Hiring Manager reviews resumes through STARS, and the Hiring Manager schedules interviews.
12. The Hiring Manager takes notes during the interview and keeps notes with the candidate’s resume.
13. The Hiring Manager provides periodic feedback to the Recruiter on their candidate pool.

Selection of Final Candidate(s) and Offer Process

14. The Hiring Manager will discuss the reference checking process with the recruiter.
15. The Recruiter develops and extends a verbal offer; confirms start date.
16. The Recruiter initiates the background check, upon offer acceptance.

Position Closeout and Turndown Notifications

17. The Hiring Manager lets the Recruiter know which candidates were interviewed.
18. The Hiring Manager sends turndown notifications to all internal candidates, and to external candidates who were interviewed.
19. For C&T positions, the Hiring Manager sends a copy of internal turndown letters to the Recruiter.
20. For M&P positions, the Hiring Manager will work with the Recruiter to prepare and submit an Affirmative Action form to EEO.

Background Check and Onboarding

21. Once the background check is complete (typically 1-2 weeks), the Hiring Manager will receive an email from ITS with the candidate’s NetID and pin. Call the ITS Help Desk if you haven’t received this email after 2-3 days.
22. Staffing integrates the new hire into Workday.
23. Human Resources registers the employee for New Employee Orientation.
24. All newly hired employees will complete a 90-day probationary period. Additionally, for newly hired external C&T employees, the Hiring Manager completes a 90-day probationary form and submits it to the Employee Service Center.