Throughout the recruitment process, it is important that the Hiring Manager provide feedback to the Recruiter on their candidate pool. This feedback helps the Recruiter and the Candidate Development Specialist, if applicable, to improve the quality of referred candidates. Providing feedback also allows for ongoing dialogue with the Recruiter, who can provide helpful information regarding the employment market as it relates to the role for which the Hiring Manager is recruiting.

For Clerical and Technical positions, an Offer Review Form must be completed whenever a qualified layoff candidate from the L34 bargaining unit has been referred, but is not selected for a C&T position within the bargaining unit. The Offer Review Form is used to demonstrate the reason for selecting a candidate over a layoff candidate. The reasons should only relate to the required skills and abilities of the position. This information should include why the selected candidate is significantly more qualified for the position than the layoff candidate. Such justification may be gathered from application materials, interview notes or feedback received while conducting reference checks. It is important that the Hiring Manager work with the Recruiter to complete the Offer Review Form. Once completed, the Recruiter will submit the Offer Review Form and associated documentation to the bargaining unit.