Intake with Recruiter

A position intake and recruitment strategy meeting is generally recommended when a Hiring Manager is recruiting for a new position. The position intake is a discussion between the Hiring Manager(s), Recruiter, HR Generalist and in some situations the Compensation and Classification representative. The purpose of this meeting is to review the position’s requirements and the job posting, discuss the positions in detail, develop a recruitment strategy and discuss the interview and selection process.

The Staffing & Career Development Office can assist with your recruiting needs and provide guidance regarding interviewing and hiring best practices. Each department has their own designated Clerical and Technical (C&T) and Managerial and Professional (M&P) Recruiter. You can find your assigned Recruiter in Workday by department, hiring manager or campus location.

Recruiter’s Role and Responsibility

Recruiters assist Hiring Managers with developing a recruitment plan, establishing a thorough interview and selection process, effectively communicating Yale’s comprehensive benefits package, and attracting strong and talented candidates. Recruiters strive to provide excellent customer service and offer strategic advice for each recruitment need. 

There are several topics that need to be addressed to facilitate a successful search, including:

  • STARS Job Posting Information – Review of the STARS job posting to ensure accuracy.
  • Pre-Qualifying Questions (PQQs) – Discuss Pre-Qualifying Questions (PQQs) and determine if they are needed for the job posting. For C&T Recruiters, PQQs are extremely important when qualifying C&T internal and layoff candidates. These are union positions, and layoff and internal candidates receive priority consideration. PQQs help determine whether internal and layoff candidates are qualified. 
  • Recruitment Strategy – Discuss sourcing strategies, advertising options, Yale initiatives (New Haven Hiring Initiative, support to laid off staff, diversity, veteran outreach, etc.), and pre-screens if necessary.
  • Affirmative Action Search Plan (M&P positions only) – An Affirmative Action search is performed on all M&P positions at the University, unless the requisition has been waived from the posting process. Each department at Yale works with Office of Equal Opportunity Programs to identify an appropriate employment goal for females and minorities in each M&P capacity that operates within the unit. A department is considered to have met their goal if the employment goal (female or minority) is at least 80% filled. (AA searches apply to M&P positions only. C&T Recruiters will not have this discussion with hiring managers.)
  • Resume Review & Qualification Process in STARS – If a Hiring Manager is unfamiliar with the STARS system, the Recruiter can review the use of some of the system’s more technical aspects. 
  • Interview Process – The Recruiter will discuss developing an interview team, and the importance of receiving candidate feedback from hiring managers.
  • Selection of Finalist and Offer Process – The Recruiter can advise on the reference checking process. The Recruiter is also responsible for extending all offers. Please defer to Staffing with any salary questions or discussions. Staffing will work with your HR Generalist and Compensation & Classification Representative to develop offers.