NetID, PIN, and Email Address for New Employees

Upon the successful completion of a background check (including credit check and/or MVR check when required), Staffing will facilitate the integration of your new employee’s information into Workday. Workday will automatically initiate a request for the creation of a NetID, PIN and email address. The request is sent to ITS for completion.

Former employees who are rehired at Yale will use the same NetID, and email address as they had before.

ITS has advised Staffing that the NetID, PIN and email creation process is typically completed within 48 hours. Please allow sufficient time for the request to be fulfilled. 

Once the NetID, PIN and email address are created, ITS will communicate this information via email to the Hiring Manager and the Lead Administrator of the department to which the candidate has been hired. The email will also contain NetID activation instructions. The Recruiter is not copied on this email.

If you have not received your new employee’s NetID, PIN and email address after 48 hours, please contact the ITS Help Desk.