Onboarding and 90-Day Probationary Period

Onboarding your new employee is an important process, and having an onboarding plan in place will help ensure your employee’s short-term and long-term success. An effective onboarding plan will help the employee integrate into your department by providing detailed information about their new position. General information about Yale will be provided during New Employee Orientation, but you are encouraged to explain your department’s specific mission, organizational structure and strategic plan. 

Human Resources has developed a comprehensive checklist which will help you before, during and after your new employee’s first day at Yale. Your HR Generalist and Recruiter are also available to assist you in this process. 

All new Yale employees are on probationary status for the first 90 calendar days of their employment. This is an opportunity for the staff member and supervisor to evaluate the suitability of the placement. If for any reason, at or before the end of this period, the employee is dissatisfied with the job or if it is determined that they are not suited for the work, they may resign or be terminated. 

If a new employee is performing marginally or appears unsuited for the job, the supervisor should discuss the situation with the HR Generalist before the expiration of the probationary period. The probationary period may be extended for up to 90 additional calendar days with the approval of the Associate Director of Employee Relations. A supervisor requesting an extension of the probationary period must do so in writing prior to the end of the original 90-day period, specifying the reason for the request. The employee must be advised of the extension and the reasons for it.

When a supervisor proposes to terminate a probationary employee, the reasons must be clearly stated to the HR Generalist who will normally process the termination without investigation, unless there is a basis for further inquiry.

Service workers and security positions are excluded from the 90-day probationary period.