Salary Guidelines

Hiring Managers are encouraged to defer to their Recruiter for all salary questions. Hiring Managers should not discuss salary with candidates, and are prohibited by law from inquiring about a candidate’s current or previous salary. 

  • C&T, S&M, Security, Police: For bargaining unit positions, salary is determined by contractual guidelines. There are many factors which determine salary (position title, candidate type, etc.) so it is best to consult with your Recruiter on interpreting the contract with regard to pay.
  • M&P: All positions are associated with a grade which comes with a generalized salary range. A discussion about expectation for salary will take place with your Recruiter prior to commencement of the Recruitment process.
  • Temporary (C&T and M&P): It is recommended that temporary employees be hired at the minimum of the grade associated with the job title into which they are being hired. There are some exceptions to this, so please discuss with your Staffing representative.