Talent Share Program

In response to the challenges of COVID-19 and the subsequent hiring pause through June 2021, Yale University’s objective is to focus on existing staff, faculty, and students. To that end, the Talent Share Program for current Yale University staff has been created to assign idle talent and expertise across the organization to fill temporary work needs.

Departments in need of temporary work are first asked to look within their own units to determine if existing employees are available to fulfill the needs. If they are unsuccessful in securing employees within their own units, the Yale Talent Share program, administered by Staffing and Career Development will assist in locating available staff from other departments/units. Before moving forward with the talent share process, supervisors should discuss staffing needs with their Human Resources Generalist.

Additionally, departments are encouraged to provide information on employees who have availability, either part time or full time, to be deployed to fill temporary work needs in other areas across the University.

Talent Share Request Process (when you have a work need)

  1. After reviewing the needs with your Human Resources Generalist and determining no internals are available in your unit, submit your talent request form in Workday, (See the referencing guide). 

  2. Your request will then be reviewed for approval by your Human Resources Generalist and Lead Administrator.
  3. Once fully approved, recruiters from the Talent Share team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Talent Share Recommendation Process (when you have idle staff available)

  1. After reviewing your current staff with your Human Resources Generalist, and determining no alternative work is available within your unit, identify those available staff and submit your talent share recommendation form in workday. (See the referencing guide).
  2. Your request will then be reviewed for approval by your Human Resources Generalist and Lead Administrator.
  3. Once fully approved, recruiters from the Talent Share team will be in touch as soon as possible.

For all questions, please contact talentshare@yale.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

In response to the challenges of COVID-19 and the subsequent hiring pause through June 2021, Yale University has created the Talent Share Program to identify idle staff and redeploy them across the university. The program is designed to match immediate work needs in units with high-demand temporary work, with employees from other units who have the availability and skills needed to assist.

This program will benefit the university by addressing important temporary work needs, while also conserving university financial resources by utilizing staff who are partially or fully idle while receiving full pay.

All units are eligible to participate in the Talent Share program with support from their Lead Administrator and HR Generalist.

If you have a short-term need and there are no employees available through the Talent Share Program, the Staffing and Career Development team will discuss other potential options.

The Staffing and Career Development office within Human Resources, will manage the program. Questions may be directed to talentshare@yale.edu.

The program will be in effect immediately, with an end date to be determined based on the operational needs of the university.

For any talent sharing starting now through December 31, 2020, funding will not change. There will be no change to Workday reporting, job profile, or funding for the duration of the talent share program. This practice will be evaluated over the next several months and is subject to change.

Current Yale University staff who are in the Managerial and Professional (M&P) and Clerical and Technical (C&T) job categories who are currently underemployed in their departments due to operational or work volume changes will participate.

Program participants will be recommended by the employee’s supervisor, with support from the department’s Lead Administrator and HR Generalist. Employees will continue to report to their current home department manager for the duration of the assignment, while some or all of their day to day work will be managed by the assignment manager.

Subject to agreements with the unions, employees will be required to accept temporary assignments if they are qualified and available to accept them. Employees may choose to select voluntary programs (e.g., summer hours) in lieu of accepting a temporary assignment. Employees who refuse to accept such assignments will be required to use paid leave or will have to apply for a leave of absence.

Supervisors with current work needs should complete their Talent Share Request via the Workday process. (See the referencing guide). The information collected on this form includes a brief summary of tasks, important skills or experience needed, and estimated hours/week and duration of assignment.

Likewise, supervisors that have employees available to be shared should complete the Talent Share Recommendations via the Workday process. (See the referencing guide). The information collected on this form will include further details on the employee’s current position and skills, and approximate hours/week and duration they are available.

Staffing and Career Development (within Human Resources) will compare requests for assistance to employees who are available, identify potential matches, and connect the two supervisors. The supervisors will determine if it is a good match and, if so, agree to the talent share. They will notify the Staffing and Career Development department about the results for tracking purposes.

If a reassignment manager or employee has a concern about the assignment, they should contact Staffing and Career Development.

During the short-term reassignment, formal performance reviews (i.e. the M&P year-end performance feedback process) will be handled by the employee’s home department manager, with input from the assignment manager as appropriate.

If there are performance concerns during the assignment, the assignment supervisor should consult with their HR Generalist.

There will be no change to an employee’s current pay and benefits.

This will be determined by the needs of the department seeking additional help, and the availability of the candidate.

Additional background checks may be required, depending on the type of work needed. For example, a credit check, MVR check, or health screening may be required if the employee has not previously completed these checks.

Please contact the Staffing and Career Development office at talentshare@yale.edu with any questions about the program.

Employees will continue to consult with their direct supervisors in their home units regarding time off and other requests. An employee’s “home unit” supervisor will be in communication with the temporary supervisor regarding scheduling, absences, etc. The home unit supervisor will approve in Kronos.

Both! The Talent Share program is available for both full time needs and part time needs. On the Talent Request form and Talent Share form, please complete the approximate hours/week and duration of the assignment or employee availability so we can ensure an accurate match.

Yes. If you have a permanent full-time need but would like to consider utilizing staff through Talent Share to fulfill this need while you’re recruiting, you can submit the request as a temporary work need. Please be sure to note that the need is temporary as you recruit for a regular full-time hire.