Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention for Managers

For Managers

All managers are asked to attended a two-hour training on the Prevention of Workplace Violence. View the course schedule and register.

Responsibility of University Managers

University managers are expected to learn to recognize the early signs of hostile and potentially threatening behavior that could jeopardize the safety of a member of the Yale community while on our campus. Training on the early warning signs and how to respond to them is provided to managers in University training programs. Ignoring the early signs can be mistaken as approval of the behavior and lead to further unsafe conduct.

Prevention Tips for Managers*

Though no course of measures is full-proof, below are tips for managers for preventing an escalated conflict or hostile work environment:

  1. Foster a supportive, harmonious work environment. 
  2. Train supervisors (if you manage supervisors) and employees how to resolve conflicts. 
  3. Develop effective policies to protect employees from harassment and discrimination; be familiar with Yale’s policies. Contact your HR Business Partner or security if a threat assessment needs to take place. 
  4. Establish procedures - and use them - for handling grievances and allegations of harassment and discrimination; be sure to consult your HR Business Partner or Labor Relations representative if you are experiencing a grievance with an employee represented by Local 34 or 35. 
  5. Familiarize your staff with the well-being benefits available to employees.
  6. Familiarize your staff with the security programs; departments with security concerns should contact Security for a review of security measures.
  7. Provide employees safety education training. 
  8. Consult your HR Business Partner for job counseling (i.e. outplacement) for employees who have been laid off or fired.
  9. Train supervisors on how to recognize signs of a troubled employee. 
  10. Set up a crisis plan in your department, i.e. notification tree, emergency phone numbers, etc. Review and practice this plan on a regular basis.

*Adapted from training developed by Wellness Corporation