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Update Your Yale Talent Profile

Be prepared for advancement opportunities by keeping your online resume current with the university. In addition, the Talent Profile tool provides you as a manager with the information needed to support talent planning and development with your Managerial and Professional staff. Benefits to encouraging employees to maintain a current Talent Profile include:

  • An ideal tool for facilitating your annual employee development conversation as well as ongoing coaching conversations
  • A great opportunity to gain insight into the background and activities that have enhanced your staff member’s professional experience
  • Real time access to professional Yale job history information that is automatically updated when positions change
  • Visibility and understanding of staff’s career interests and objectives 
  • Better understanding of core strengths of the existing team and what skills need to be acquired when hiring for additional staff


  • Access your Talent Profile from Workday
    1. Click your name at the top-right corner of the screen > Select ‘View Profile’
    2. From left-hand menu, click ‘Career’
    3. Complete your profile information
  • Talent Profile Quick Guide and FAQs

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